🐶 Cocoa’s day at the dentist (yesterday)

I’m always anxious every time Cocoa goes to the dentist, especially now that she’s getting older (she’s turning 13 in September). If you are not familiar with dental procedures for dogs, they knock them out so that they can properly clean their teeth. There are a lot of horror stories of dogs not waking up from the procedure due to complications. Of course, as dogs get older, the risks also increase.

The vet typically does blood tests and check for heart issues before applying the anesthesia. Those are not perfect so even if the results come out positive, there is still that risk. I feel like I stop breathing for those few hours I await for the vet’s call to let me know that Cocoa is awake and recovering.

Thankfully, Cocoa did beautifully (vet tech’s exact words) during her dental cleaning yesterday. We were reminded that she has 2 missing teeth, but no further extractions were needed.

Here she is still super groggy from the anesthesia. Her throat is a little raspy from the tube during the procedure but she’s doing well. Appetite is there and she is drinking water.

I am thankful.

sleeping dog in a car seat