I have always loved reading, even as a child. I remember reading under the covers until 2am, way past lights out and my bedtime. I would go to the library after school and put my name down on the waiting list for newly released books. I’d (im)patiently wait for my turn. Continue reading ā†’

šŸ“š Book 18 of 2024 - Finished A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas (ā­3/5)

Book 3.5 of the ACOTAR series. Not much really happened in this book and I probably could’ve skipped over it, and it would’ve been fine.

Highlighted quote:

ā€œI have to create, or it was all for nothing. I have to create, or I will crumple up with despair and never leave my bed. I have to create because I have no other way of voicing this.ā€ Her hand rested on her heart, and my eyes burned.

Pinole Pride 2024 - I went to a small town Pride / Juneteenth event this past weekend šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ.

Pride rainbow flag hanging on a light pole. Trees in the background.

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šŸ“« I’m really good at keeping my personal email inbox(es) under control, but have a really difficult time handling my work email(s).

For the love of all higher powers and the universe, STOP CLICKING ON REPLY ALL.

šŸ«Ø Trying to unwind after a long day, and all of a sudden, the house shook a bit.

M 2.4 earthquake epicenter a couple kms away from our location.

I used to LOVE collecting stickers. Every time I traveled or visited some place, if they had stickers, I would get at least one. Over the years, I started facing a dilemma that I never truly faced when I was collecting other things like magnets or keychains: where do I put them? Continue reading ā†’

Yesterday: Bought 5 new pins to add to my collection in honor of Pride month šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ

Five Pride related enamel pins

Weekends are an interesting concept for me. By the time Sunday night rolls around, Iā€™m already counting down to Friday afternoon, which marks the start of of my weekend. I spend the whole week wishing for the weekend, but why exactly? Continue reading ā†’

I’ve been drawn to various combinations of blues and orange hues recently.

But my all-time favorite color is still, and always will be, purple (just in case you were wondering).

A blue and orange restaurant building that says Marty's Grill

šŸ“ // 060124-060724

Our (over the range) microwave took its last spin this week. No one told me I needed to pause/stop it before opening the door. In hindsight, that probably would’ve been a smart thing to do. Alas, this is one of the things I am not smart about.

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