Days 22 and 23 of WeblogPoMo2024

Just catching up:

πŸ“š Book 16 of 2024 - Finished: The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel (⭐5/5)

Thoughts: This was a really hard book to put down. If you’re into historical fiction around WWII about family, sacrifice, betrayal and lost love, then this could be a great read for you.

Highlighted quote:

Once you’ve fallen in love with books, their presence can make you feel at home anywhere, even in places where you shouldn’t belong.

Day 21 of WeblogPoMo2024

I planned to write something different today, but I needed to give myself a pep talk. Listing out a few quotes to help get me by in the meantime.

πŸ‘‰ 10 Quotes that will change your life by Library Mindset

Day 20 of WeblogPoMo2024

I hit my 365 days streak of Duolingo today! I absolutely failed learning Chinese but I think I’m doing pretty well increasing my Spanish fluency. Started off around 30% fluency and I’d like to think I’m at 45% when it comes to reading Spanish now. It’s something, at least!

πŸ›’ Costco trips always feels like an all day event and I am so exhausted afterwards. Today we ended up spending 1.5hrs in there and walking 3 miles back and forth the different aisles (yes, I tracked it). Alas, I still did not get my long awaited Roomba. One day, it will be mine… just not today.

Day 19 of WeblogPoMo2024

I’m staring at a blank screen (or not so blank after writing these words), and I honestly have no idea what to write for today. As I sip my cup of coffee, a realization hits me. Maybe I’ll write about my cup of coffee.

Day 18 of WeblogPoMo2024

I try to funnel a lot of my posts through my Mb hosted page to keep everything somewhat centralized, which causes my blogging workflow to be somewhat tedious. I know that there is an automated way to do this but the manual process gives me some level of control for now.

πŸ“š Book 15 of 2024 – Finished: Meet Me on the Bridge by Sarah J Harris (⭐4/5)

Thoughts: This was very Time Traveler’s Wife-esque. I actually really enjoyed it.

Highlighted quote:

“When you meet that person, everything falls into place. They feel like home. It’s like returning to your favourite painting and loving each brush stroke all over again.”

Peruvian cuisine for dinner tonight. I wanted to try something new and was recommended their best seller: the Aji De Gallina Bowl.1 Not what I was craving but delicious nonetheless.

Interior of a restaurant with a menu board displaying various food and drink options, a bar counter with bottles, and a few people behind the counter.

  1. Stewed chicken in Peruvian aji Amarillo pepper and cheese sauce with potato, botija olive, and egg. ↩︎

πŸ’€ I was planning on going to happy hour, but then decided last minute that what I really need is a NAPpy hour. So off to dreamland I go.