🌧️ I love listening to the rain outside of my window but rainy days also make me feel some type of way. It makes me not want to get out of bed, or out from the comforts of my couch. It doesn’t help that the change in the barometric pressure triggers my migraines either. If you need me, I’m not available for the rest of the day. I’ll see you tomorrow when the sun is out again.

    📸 Spontaneously dropped by a local camera shop and put $$ down for a Ricoh GR IIIx. Now impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

    🏠 De-webbing the outside of the house is so difficult when you have an insanely high roof with different levels.

    Moving to California… I never realized how many issues I was going to have with spiders. The arachnophobia in me struggles so much here.

    🐘 I just joined Mastodon today and I have no idea what I’m doing. It looks similar to Twitter/Bluesky so the learning curve can’t be that bad, right?

    Are there any tips, tricks and/or warnings anyone wants to send my way?

    Oh yea, I guess you can follow(?) me here:

    👩‍💻 As much as I enjoy consulting in Product, sometimes it’s nerve-wracking when your engagement ends and you look into your next client/project.

    This is my 3rd week of being in-between clients. After looking at 3 different opportunities, today I finalized the one I’ll be working on.

    Start date: TBD

    It’s 9:01PM PST, which means Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department is officially out.

    Favorite tracks still pending.

    iphone screenshot of taylor swift's tortured poets department album on spotify

    I’ve been on a mini Taylor hiatus this year due to not wanting to hear anymore about Travis, but couldn’t miss this album drop.

    Things didn’t turn out as I anticipated when it comes to exporting my old blog posts (and then importing them here). I discovered that not only do I have my archived Wordpress entries but am also able to download an archive of my Xanga posts (from around the same years).

    A lot were just too personal to (re)post online, now as an “adult” (hah). I was very angsty back then. Instead, I am working through exporting the entries to a PDF. I’ll probably still post some on here and do some reflection.

    But later.

    I’m planning on manually importing my archived Wordpress posts on here in the coming days.

    The posts will be from around 2007-2016. They’ll be manual as a lot of the images are now broken and this way, I can pick and choose which entries to import over. I’m about to go down memory lane. Eek!

    🪥 Teeth cleaning day today. Not a fan of going to the dentist. There’s just something about dentists with their sharp tools just poking and prodding inside your mouth as you lay on the chair helpless.

    Thankfully I love the dental practice I go to. No cavities today. I think that’s a win.

    Just got an invite to Airchat after hearing about it recently.

    Not sure what to make of it yet. Very reminiscent of Clubhouse, with a mix of Twitter in there somewhere. Essentially just people talking about random topics out loud, that you can also read along to. We’ll see how this pans out.

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